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Radeum is an extremely challenging score-chasing shmup, made in homage to the arcade greats of the early 80's. It is a pure test of skill. 


The game you see in the video is basically the entire game. Defeat the dragon and the game resets to the next level, which is slightly harder. And so it goes.

If you need a goal other than highest score, the game wraps once you beat level 25. Good luck with that.

Suggest you map your controller as follows:


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To access graphics and input configuration, right click on executable, hold down control and then click "Open".

How to play

Power up by collecting radeum crates. Yes, I know it's spelt wrong. 

1st crate: clone ship

Subsequent: An extra shield, a smart bomb, and faster autofire

you definitely want radeum

The key to the game is smart bomb management. You see, smart bombs also confer a few seconds of invulnerability. So you can smart bomb and then madly ram stuff for points - including bullets! If you ram a radeum crate whilst you have the clone ship active, the smart bomb you lost will be regained. So in theory (if you are a gaming god that is) you could play almost an entire level invulnerable. In practice it rarely works out that way, but you get the idea.

How to help

The game is about done. It was always meant to be minimalist. I'm looking to find out what the minimum system specs are and to squash any bugs you might find. But most of all I'm wondering if there is a smart bomb exploit/strategy that trivializes the game.

press F for frame rate and G to toggle vsync

If your system is dipping much below 60 fps, you are likely below minimum specs. 

Special thanks to James Opie for the amazing music.


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Version 1

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